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December 19th 2015, we need all volunteers to help with this amazing donation of playground from "The Mission Continues" to our school. Snacks and Drinks will be provided. All hands welcomed for a great cause. Please click the link and sign up to help.…/detai…/a1l40000003FkGTAA0

Higgs, Carter, King Gifted and Talented Charter Academy was once a public school that has recently transitioned into a non-profit private school that teaches approximately 250 children between the grades of Pre-K to 8th.

The old location of a school had a wooden play ground that they asked us to move but due to the condition of the wood, the playground cannot be salvaged. We will be building these children a brand new structure along with some tables and benches for outdoor reading and studying.

The parents and staff at the school will be working along side us to build a new structure, as these children do not currently have any type of playground and the parents want to help as much as they can.

And since we are in the Holiday spirit any donation of new or used sports equipment to include balls, gloves, bats or sandbox toys would be greatly appreciated but it is not required.

Please join us in changing recess and the outdoor learning experience for these children.

Don't forget to have anyone that is attending sign up at the link below for continuity purposes.


Hey iiS family, we had an awesome first day of school. Ms. Yarbrough Has made some announcements for every one to read. CLICK HERE TO READ -> Newsletter #1

As you may know, the school known as "Higgs,Carter, King, Gifted and Talented Charter Academy" is currently not in operation. Operating fully on sponserships and scholarships, the "Ideal Independent School" (I.I.S) launched today. With tremendous response from our community, we had an excellent first day of classes.

Tragedy for a member of the HCK family
HCK staff member Jalleen Marin suffered a family tragedy recently when her cousin 26 year old Marine Sergeant Apolinar Salazar died in an auto accident in San Antonio. Salazar had joined the United States Marines right after he graduated high school, and he was immediately sent into combat in Afghanistan where he served different tours over 8 years. He was a veteran for five years before he passed away on July 23rd from complications suffered from the July 18th motorcycle accident caused by a distracted driver. The funeral for Sgt. Salazar will be held at Castillo Funeral home located at 520 N General McMullen Dr, San Antonio, TX 78228 on Wednesday July 29, from 9am-12pm. 

Higgs Carter King will not open nor operate a Texas Public School beginning with the 2015-2016 school year. Call 210-735-2341 for other options for you child.

#58:  Perfect Attendance! Yea!
So…What’s up with Perfect Attendance? And… Why is it sooooooo IMPORTANT? Simply put when students “miss school”, they “miss out”! Students miss out on the concepts that may have been taught during class time, they miss out on discussions within the classrooms between students and their teachers, they miss out on what they might have learned that could have “opened them up” to a concept that they may have been struggling to understand. Many years ago, HCK began looking at ways to encourage students to strive for perfect attendance and when we discovered that students and parents loved Sea World and Fiesta Texas, we made a decision to reward students with perfect attendance with a free trip to either theme park at the end of the school year. We used to go on the last day of the school year, but, the last day was usually on a Friday and the theme parks are very busy on Fridays! So this year we are going on the day after the last day of school, Monday, June 8, 2015. Congratulations to the students who not only have perfect attendance for the entire school year but for those who stepped it up after Spring Break! YEA! Parents if you think that we have erred and your child is not on the list when it comes out on tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13th, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 210-735-2341 to help us make any corrections we need to make! Yea! PERFECT ATTENDANCE ROCKS! YEA!  Finally, students who have achieved perfect attendance for the entire year will have first dibs in the liveschool store when it opens on the last day of the school year! Look for your child’s name on the list in tomorrow’s newsletter! Yea!

#57: Thank you to all HCK Mothers
We Enjoyed Serving Lunch to our HCK Mothers on Friday, May 8th! …and at the end of the Mother’s Da Luncheon, the final raffle prize of a wonderful Strawberry cake was won by one of our expectant moms! Yea! To all of you who were able to join in with us and enjoy not only a wonderful T-Bone Steak but also a wonderful sausage link with the meal courtesy of Mr. Martinez’ grilling abilities! Yea! We hope your Sunday, May 10th Mother’s Day celebrations were enjoyable with your families! TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK 2015! Thanks to all of the parents who showered notes, apples, poems, flowers and candy on your children’s teaches.  While we make a big deal about teachers at least for a whole week each year, we know that you appreciate the teaching and learning that happens in HCK classrooms everyday. It is not too late to let your child’s teachers know you much you appreciate them. Thanks to everyone who helped make last week a special week! Yea!
THE BIG GIVE AND YES, INC.’s 20th Year Anniversary! Yea! Thanks to all of you who took time and money to give on last Tuesday, May 5, 2015!  And thanks to those who sent donations on Wednesday, May 6th, we are working with the Big Give to give us a final number on how many gave and how much the donations totaled, but for our first time ever, I know we did GREAT! Yea! As soon so we have our final numbers, we will broadcast it in the newsletter! YEA and thanks again for helping YES, Inc. celebrate 20 years!

#54: “IT” IS HERE! Read more to find out about it!
“IT” is the BIG GIVE SA 2015! Yea! HCK only participates in selected fundraiser and has not participated in any school wide fundraiser for the past two (2) years! “IT” has changed that for us! Yea! “IT” is a GREAT fundraiser because every donation – 100% of every donation is given back to our agency! Yea! The Big GIVE SA 2015 Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. is one of hundreds of non-profit agencies participating in the 2015 BIG GIVE! The BIG GIVE allows any person to go online and identify an amount to give / donate to the organization of your choice.
Read more below...

Why does Mrs. Yarbrough love tests so much???? Is this normal? While it may not be normal to love tests as much as Mrs. Yarbrough loves tests, it is possible to be so excited about “showing what you know and have learned” that you could actually be full of excitement as you await the opportunity to test (show what you know)…especially if you have worked very hard all year long and you know that you are prepared with the knowledge and skills that your teachers have helped to instill in you… why would you fear a test? So Mrs. Yarbrough loves tests because when she has to take a test, she has to make sure that she is prepared by studying and reviewing her notes and reminding herself of all of the learning she has done so that she eagerly awaits the “testing day” so that she can show what she knows on test day! Yea!  So is Mrs. Yarbrough suggesting that everyone should love tests as much as she does? No, she is not. However, she is definitely suggesting that there is no reason to fear “testing” either.  So while noone has to LOVE TO TEST, noone should fear testing. Just show what you know and you will be fine! ‘NSPIRE A CHILD’ plans to returns the  week of May 18th through May 29th! Are you ready? ? ?  We hope everyone has continued to have great attendance and bringing in their homework and having the best behavior ever so that when NSPIRE A CHILD returns we will be ready! Yea! Nine more days of planned afternoon activities!! Are you ready? ? ? Read more...

#39 YEA! We have Two (2) Opportunities to
RECOGNIZE HCK Teachers!   
Think about the teachers making a difference in the lives of your child. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sponsored a TEACHER OF THE YEAR event each year to recognize South Texas teachers including teachers in San Antonio, Texas!  Please read the attached information and complete the information for the teacher of your choice. Don’t have a computer to utilize to submit your entry?  Please bring your form and 250 words to either 702 or 511 to the office before April 10, 2015, and we will find you a computer to use to submit your HCK Krispy Kreme Teacher nomination. Three teachers from each Region will be selected and receive prizes up to $500 for the teacher and $500 for the school! Yea! The second way you can recognize a teacher is by completing the Educator Effectiveness Process Extremely Effective Educator (E3) Award Nomination Form. This recognition awards teachers with an all-expense trip to the National Charter School Conference and the special E3 Award Winning Banquet where the E3 Award Winning finalists are recognized with gifts and a monetary award up to $1000.00.  This award is sponsored by Youth Empowerment Services, Inc.... Read more Newsletter below Read more...

#38: 100% meeting standards is our Goal!
YES! That’s Right! We Expect 100% of our students to meet standard! Why does HCK expect 100% of the HCK students to be able to reach standards? HCK has “high expectations” for all students.  However, at this time, in the State of Texas, the state standards have been lower for all 3rd – 8th graders in certain subjects due to the implementation of the still developing STAAR tests. So because the standards are not very high in the State of Texas, (3rd year of the new test), it is very possible and quite probable that 100% of all of our HCK students can meet the State Standards on their way towards their ultimate goal of 90% proficiency on each reading, writing, math, science and social studies exam the 3rd – 8th grade students will take beginning at the end of March and continuing until the beginning of May 2015. Let’s talk if you have any questions about the information that follows.  Please do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher or Mrs. Yarbrough at 210-559-9198! Read more of the Newsletter below. Read more...

Track and Field Athletes Compete in recent meet
HCK Track & Field preparations began immediately following our Basketball Season. We had only 2 wks to prepare for our 1st meet. Our Coaches(Coach Shields, Coach Reyna, Coach Adame) worked extremely hard to get our student athletes in shape for competitions. We had to learn stretching warm-ups, techniques, breathing properly, setting appropriate pace, and how to finish strong. Although we had a challenging start our Coaches, Student-Athletes, School Staff, and Parents stayed committed, focused, and dedicated to our Team Motto, "Pursuing Excellence".... Read more of the Track team below... 

Early Voting Ends – Friday, February 13th! Diego Bernal vs Nunzio Previtera and Jose Menendez vs Trey Martinez Fisher (78201,07,28,26,37) Calling all HCK parents who live in the zip codes listed above! You have a right to vote for the next representative and / or the next Senator from your voting district based upon your address. What does this mean?  The people listed above are now in the 2nd run-off election to decide who will be the representative and the Senator from your district. This time the candidate with the most votes will win! Yea! We are faxing all of these candidates our petitions and our parent letters and your vote for the candidates above is needed. Read the rest of the Newsletter below...


#36 Higher Performance is our GOAL!
HCK is planning a field trip this upcoming weekend to Houston and HCK students are invited. The #1 reason we are going on this field trip is to learn the strategies used to target 100% of the objectives that HCK students will face when they take their reading, math, writing, science and social studies tests beginning at the end of March. This school has developed a special three hour strategy that helps students master concepts in all Academic areas and we want to learn how they do it so that we can return to HCK to implement the strategies with our students. The #2 reason (2nd 3 hours) we will be in Houston, Texas will be to experience a “living the lesson” strategy that HCK will be utilizing when we go to New Orleans in June.  We will visit a well known Houston attraction and LIVE THE LESSON with our teacher leaders! Yea! Read more important information in the Newsletter below. Read more...

#35: College is still HCK’s ultimate Goal!
WHAT PARENTS BELIEVE ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN MATTERS MUCH!!! Parents' belief that a child will attend college plays big role in early academic success,” so says a new study from the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). Now, a study by researchers from UCLA and the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that the factors influencing children's readiness for kindergarten include not only whether they attend preschool, but also their families' behaviors, attitudes and values -- and that parents' expectations go a long way toward predicting children's success throughout their schooling.  "The big surprise was what a strong role parents' long-term goals for their children played in predicting their math and reading abilities," said Dr. Neal Halfon, the study's senior author and director of the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities.The research appears in the February issue of the journal Pediatrics. Read more below. Read more...

#34: Tomorrow is the 100th day of school!
February 3rd is the 100th day of school! Each teacher usually does an educational activity to support the 100th day of school in the classrooms! Sometimes students have to identify 100 things that they have learned! Sometimes younger students have to count to 100 and sometimes students have to complete 100 activities! Yea! The 100th day of school offers all of us an opportunity to check in on our learning and determine our accountability to what we have been learning all year.  We will want students to review their learning processes to make sure that they are on track to learn as much as they can everyday and not waste any day not learning! Yea!  Let’s get ready for a Great 100th Day celebration of learning on February 3rd! Read the rest of the Newsletter below. Read more...

HCK's newest elective teacher for singing,
Grammy Award winner Patsy Torres!! Yay!!

#33: No Uniform on Monday! Yea!
Our HCK Parent Support was Tremendous! Our HCK parents were outstanding! As a way of saying “thank you” to all of our wonderful parents and students and teachers and ALL staff for making Friday, January 29th parent meeting our BEST EVER – Monday, February 2nd is a NO UNIFORM DAY! YEA! We very rarely, if ever, celebrate with NO uniforms on Mondays, however, due to the tremendous amount of support from so many of our parents, we are celebrating NO UNIFORM on Monday, February 2nd.  Take the week off from doing the laundry as you prepare for a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! Read the rest of the Newsletter below...


#32 Yea! We qualify for
Ice Cream! Yea!

We increased our 3rd 6th week attendance and now we qualify for Ice Cream! Yea! Our last six-week was down by over 2.0 points from the first six weeks, however, we have done something we don’t usually do, we have surpassed last six-week’s attendance by .20 so we went from 95.96 percentage to 96.16%! Yea! And we qualify to have ice cream with our LEVEL 5 cake on Thursday, January 29th at 511 Fredericksburg Road or 702 Cincinnati! Yea!  Now let’s get ready to reach our goal of 97% for this 4th sixth week of school!  Everyone bundle up so that you stay nice and warm without getting sick so that we have fewer absences. Read the Newsletter below. Read more...

#31: ‘NSPIRE’ Electives Update!!
ELECTIVES UPDATES! Thank you to the 150 students at 702 who have indicated their first, second and third choices for their FRIDAY ELECTIVES to be provided by “NSPIRE A Child” beginning February 6, 2015! Today, Tuesday, January 27, 2015, we are sending 50 – 70 forms home to the students who have not YET completed their Elective Selection forms.  Please encourage your child to complete the form if he / she brings it home! Thank you! Address Correction for Woodlawn Gym is 1103 Cincinnati right down the street from the school!
Thursday, January 29th Activities start at 2:45PM – Please meet us there! Yea!

Please read below for more the important Newsletter

#30: Our Biggest
HCK Day Ever!! 
Level 5!!
A G E N D A 
Thursday, January 29th at 1103 Woodlawn  (The Woodlawn Field House) 
Buses will be available to shuttle parents between all locations! 
2:00 – 2:30 PM – All students arrive and are seated for the special occasion at the Woodlawn Gym Filed House!
2:30 – Parents (receive 1000 Live School Points for each of your children) , guests and visitors arrive and sign in and receive special bag of goodies including, your ticket to your Bill Miller’s Dinner! and, Gold School Choice scarf (first 50 parents); calendars/ planner, school magnetic calendars, pens and other goodies!
2:45 – Introduction of guests and vistors with a special focus on introducing all of the Instructors and Teachers for the NSPIRE A CHILD electives.
3:00 – 3:20 – HONOR ROLL and STAAR HONOR ROLL STUDENT RECOGNITIONS – PK – 8th grade students
3:25 – 3:55 – LEVEL 5 School presentation to all students and teachers and special recognition of four Level 5 Teachers
4:00 -4:45 – Special guests speakers and presentations on National School Choice (video) and Save our School and the Re-Commitment Process and our School Report Card Presentation!
4:45 – 5PM – End Town Hall Meeting and go to 702 Cincinnati (2nd – 8th grade students) and PK – 1st grade students go to 511 Fredericksburg Road (read info next column to find out what happens, next!)
Read more of Newsletter below


#29: National School Choice 
Week Jan. 23-31!

Charter School Enrollment is one of the most important CHOICES that PARENTS MAKE EACH YEAR!
January 23rd – 31st is National Choice Week!
Now there is a national choice week celebration where parents and students all over the country make “educational choice” a priority. From Friday, January 23rd through Friday, January 30th, parents and students will be exercising their right to choice schools of their choice. Currently in Texas, students and parents can chose public schools, private schools and for the past 20 years CHARTER SCHOOLS! YEA! Our mandatory PARENT MEETING next week has been planned to coincide with National Choice Week and we will have our Re-commitment forms ready for all of our parents to CHOOSE! YEA!  Also be one of the first parents and receive your beautiful school-choice gold scarf! In our next newsletter you will see the different options we are presenting to all of our parents next year as we work through the appeal process with TEA.  We are very excited about all of our options and we are so blessed to have so many of our parents who believe strongly in the educational opportunities that we provide to our students! Look for more details in the next newsletter!
Read more of the newsletter below

#28: Celebrations
are in Order!

Thursday, January 29, 2015 – HCK will have a school-wide CELEBRATION of our students, parents and staff for becoming A 2015 LEVEL 5 School! What an Accomplishment! Yea! Level 5 is apart of a grading standard used to measure the effectiveness of a school, with 5 being the highest exceptional level a school can get. We pride our ability to get our students to strive to do much better each and every day, and our teachers know how to challenge our students, as evident with 4 of our teachers being a Level 5 teacher themselves. Please read the details of our celebrations below.

#27: The Value Added Data says…
YEA! HIP, HIP, HOORAY! YEA! HCK is a LEVEL 5 SCHOOL! YEA! YEA! YEA! What an Accomplishment! Yea!
What is a Level 5 School (2013-2014):  A level five (5) school is a school where “school-wide” students perform “two (2) standard errors ABOVE where they were predicted to perform.  So the HCK students scores the highest above where they should have scored after one year of learning! Yea! This is REALLY GREAT NEWS for all of our students and teachers who really work so hard to make it happen for all of our students and we are all celebrating…. and very, very, happy!
What Level was HCK last year (2012-2013) We were a Level three (3) school last year and this meant that our students “scored as expected for one year of instruction”! A Level Three (3) means that students are making the expected year’s gain! Yea!  So we were happy last year as well, but to be a Level 5 school this year is off-the-chain exciting!        
What is Next for HCK students and teachers? It is now very important for HCK’s students and teachers to ‘maintain’ the LEVEL 5 standard! Yea!  We will do this by doing our best to make the same kinds of gains in math, reading, science and writing with social studies like we did last year.  Last year over an average of 80% of our students made gains in math, reading, science, social studies and writing and we need to do this again this year! We can because our students are working hard, very hard to learn and improve their performance in all areas! Read more...

Congratulations to our Students and
Staff of the Month for December
During a recent school pep rally, HCK honored several "students of the month" as well as "staff of the month" to those individuals who stood out among the crowd and exemplified themselves. We are proud to recognize students in the classroom who challenge themselves and go above and beyond what is expected for the sake of learning. We also are constantly excited to have staff members who bring their "A game" each and every day for the sake of our students. To have a staff and student body who bring their positive energy constantly, there is no reason not to have success, and that is something we are reaping the benefits of every single day! 

Click here for larger image

#26: Breakfast Bucks for Books!

Breakfast Bucks for Books Schedule is Ready for Publication! Yea!
The schedule is created so that a different, vertically-arranged group of students are at each Half Price Book store so that all students get access to the widest range of books available.  For example, if all PK students were scheduled for the same store, the store would run out of a variety of PK books so we send different groups and ages of students to each store.  The planned scheduled is below: Half Price Books – Broadway – Mr. Castillja’s PK, Ms. Hardeway’s 1st grade, Ms. Shields 2nd grade, Ms. Dominguez’ 6th grade. Half Price Books – I&10 &Huebner – Ms. Harris’ PK; Ms. Villanueva’s 2nd; Mr. Reyna’s and Mr. Wong’s 7th graders. Half Price Books – Bandera & 1604 – Ms. White’s kinder; Ms. Haywood’s 1st grade; Ms. Neal’s 3rd; Mr. Burke’s 6th grade. Half Price Books – 125 NW Loop 410 – Ms. Edwards’ PK; Gallego’s 2nd grade; Ms. Castillo’s 4th grade; Ms. Bonillas’ 5th grade; Half Price Books – 1604 & Evans – Ms. Moran’s kinder; Ms. Martinez’s 1st grade; Mr. Juarez’s 3rd grade and Mr. Chung’s 8th grade. 

Newsletter #25: … of No Nutritional Value!
Friday, December 19th 
is a day for food of “No Nutritional Value”! Yea!
What does this mean?  The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) allows each school to identify three (3) days each year when the school allows foods that have “NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE” on the campus.  HCK always picks Harvest Time, December Holidays and the time around Valentines Day or Easter.
This year’s December Holiday Time is December 19thSome students and teachers have already begun to identify and plan to purchase their favorite “junk food”.
All “junk food” is of “NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE” and usually includes all candies, cookees, donuts, cupcakes, potatoe childs and other chips and a host of other foods with no nutritional value!
Check with your child’s teacher if you plan to send “foods of no nutritional value” to class with your child on Friday, December 19th


Newsletter #24: Check for Liveschool points
LiveSchool Points Will Go Home on Friday, December 12th! Check Your Point Totals!!!
In preparation for next Friday’s Live School Store GRAND event, all students will be given their LIVESCHOOL POINT totals as of December 11, 2014. Then on the morning of December 19th, they will receive their final LIVESCHOOL report with all of the points including the points earned when they scored 90% on their 3rd week tests! Yea! Then students will KNOW EXACTLY how many points they can use in the LiveSchool Store! Yea!  CHECK YOUR POINTS!


Newsletter #23: HCK’s Focus Remains Our Students!

HCK’s Focus Remains The Effective Education of 100% of our STUDENTS! YEA!
    We are and have been very much aware of what the Texas Education Agency has been trying to do to HCK for the past two (2) years because of the changes in the Commissioner’s system where the 9th – 12th grade students were treated differently than they had been for the past 14 years.  We have been putting information in the newsletters as often as we had updated information to share.
    The latest update is that we know for sure that HCK is and will continue to operate without any changes for this current school year of 2104-2015.
    We will know more about the HCK 2015-2016 school year after we finish appealing and working through our attorneys against the Texas Education Agency’s intent to revoke our chart school.
    Please continue to READ this newsletter every time it comes out so that you will be aware of the latest information we have concerning our school.  We did not receive the information before the news media got the information yesterday or we would have put the information in our newsletter yesterday!  HCK is focused with laser-like intensity of making sure 100% of our students perform at 90% or better on their assessments.  Our students are our priority no matter what comes out in the news media.  More information is provided below.


#22: Did You Complete Your Wish List Yet?

     Mr. Martinez and Ms. Hope will start collecting the LiveSchool wishlists so that we can start organizing the lists by priority students related to perfect attendance for the year and perfect attendance for this week! Yea!
     Have you been in school everyday this week? Have you been in school everyday this year? Then you could be one of the first ones to have your WISH LIST collected! Yea!  
     So what happens when we collect your WISH LIST?  By collecting your wishlist early BEFORE you actually arrive at the LiveSchool Store, we will already know which items are in the most demand!  So if we have noticed from the wishlist that everyone is choosing a “bicycle”, we will be able to call students BEFORE they get the Liveschool Store on December 19th and let them know that they may to pick an alternative “wish list item” because we have 50 students identifying a bicycle on their wishlist but we only have nine bicycles in the Liveschool Store.  So finish your wishlist right away so that we can make sure of the number and types of items HCK students are “wishing for”! 
    Students will need to bring their backpacks on December 19th because of the BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS that they will be taking home at the end of the day and the items from the Liveschool Store they may purchase! Hip, hip, hooray!  We want everyone to be prepared! Yea!  
   First of all, I want to thank all of the students and parents who are working hard to make sure our school is #1 in the Nation like we have been before.  However, we have found some errors in inputting the Steps within our current system.  
    So at this time, we are working to correct our internal system errors so that we don’t inadvertently list a student as a low-stepper when the student is really on level with their daily reading steps.  Thanks for your patience and we hope to have the issue correctly ASAP.  In the meantime continue READING every day for an hour (30 minutes at school and 30 minutes at home.) 


#21:It’s BAAACK! It’s BAAACK! 
December 1st – 19th! 
     Breakfast Bucks For Books is one of HCK’s most exciting reading programs in that it helps us make sure that HCK students have “home libraries” as we help parents establish “home libraries! Yea!  
     So here is the 2014-2015 version of this awesome “home-library building opportunity”.
#1) Each student who has perfect attendance during the 15 days we attend school in December 2014, AND eats BREAKFAST at school for 15 days in December 2014, AND is on track with homework/classwork, and Action 100 reading practice steps will qualify for $50 of BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS if in grade 2nd – 8th: Yea!
#2) Each student who does all of the above at the 511 campus will qualify for $25 of BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS in in grades PK through 1st grade! Yea!
#3) Students who do not maintain the perfect attendance (no not have 15 days of perfect attendance from December 1st – December 19th can still earn one Breakfast Buck for Books $1.00 per day for a maximum of $14 BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS!
    Then on the last day of school before we break for the Holidays on December 19, 2014, we will be scheduled for each one of the students who earned BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS to go the all of the Half Price Books Stores in the City of San Antonio! Yea! Each year we have a lot of fun and we enjoy ourselves tremendously as we meander through hundreds of books looking to spend our Breakfast Bucks for Books! Yea!
    Why?  We are encouraged by our Child Nutrition Program (CNP) Director Mrs. Melinda Rodriguez to have more and more students eat a good breakfast.  During the month of December is our time to focus on perfect attendance and eating a good breakfast to start our day! Yea! 

Check out our presentation to the Senators!
Our students and parents were AWESOME!

We Are Congratulating Mrs. Hardeway
as our first August Teacher of the Month!

    Everyone who knows Mrs. Hardeway, 1st grade teacher, is aware of the many changes she had to make in order to return as an HCK teacher so everyone at HCK is on one accord as we jointly congratulate Mrs. Hardeway for becoming the first AUGUST TEACHER OF THE MONTH!

    Mrs. Hardeway had to make so many changes not only with her instructional methods and mannerisms but also personally as she struggled to juggle her wonderful family and her higher education goals.  Ms. Haywood was the first teacher to notice that Mrs. Hardeway had begun to make changes and become more effective but when Ms. Haywood spoke with Mrs. Yarbrough, Mrs. Yarbrough did not believe.  So Mrs. Yarbrough asked Mrs. Hardeway if she wanted to interview for a teaching position at HCK for 2014-2015 school year and when Mrs. Hardway responded in the affirmative, the stage was set for Mrs. Hardeway to show all of us just how much she has changed.  Then Mrs. Escarcega began to notice the changes Mrs. Hardeway had made, then Mrs. Crims confirmed that the changes and improvement were “for real” (smile) and then Mrs. Yarbroung was in agreement as she saw how much care and attention to details Mrs. Hardeway was exhibiting to all her students.  Mrs. Hardeway became Teacher of the Month largely because she used failure to lead her to success by learning how to put her HCK students’ needs as her priority during the day.  We are so very, very proud that Mrs. Hardeway has done everything she can to become the most effective teacher she can be at HCK! Congratuations, again, Mrs. Hardeway!
~Claudette Yarbrough

HCK is posting on Facebook!!

If you are logged onto Facebook (like nearly all of the modern world), then please find Higgs, Carter, King Gifted & Talented Charter Academy on there and give us a "Like"..

We post new Newsletters and other important information as it comes from Mrs. Yarbrough, and you can see this news as you are scrolling your news feed so you can be up-to-date!

Also, send us messages or comments to keep in contact! We love the HCK Family! Go Tigers! 

Picture Days -- Fall & Spring -- dates are set!

Parents, please mark your calendars for the Fall and Spring picture days:

-Group and Fall -- November 21, 2014
-Spring -- March 20, 2015

We will be following up with notifications as the dates approach, as well as sign up forms so that you can pre-order your picture sets!

HCK approved for San Antonio City Park program!

San Antonio, August 14, 2014 -- City Council A Session Agenda. 
    19.) 14-1614 :: An Ordinance authorizing a License Agreement on City property with Higgs-Carter-King Charter School for a period of five years for a School Park (SPARK) located in Council District 1. [Gloria Hurtado, Assistant City Manager; Xavier D. Urrutia, Director, Parks & Recreation].


Read Councilman Diego Bernal's weekly update below.

House Bill 5 Results released

Higgs, Carter, King complied with the state of Texas Legislature's House Bill 5 this year in conducting an internal review of our institution as it relates to different 9 categories of rating focus. We had input from people associated with teachers and staff, and students and parents, as well as community partners. Our findings in the 9 categories are shown below, as well as our rating. Read more...


     Parents, students, and teachers can all expect to be entering next year noticing some changes to the school structure in a more positive way. Superintendent and Principal Mrs. Claudette Yarbrough lists out some of the reasons why HCK is moving in this direction, please click the link below to read this important information.


Words of Praise for Higgs, Carter, King!
“I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed visiting HCK Academy. Every time I visited the campus the students, ALL STUDENTS, looked so happy to be there. They were so polite to guide me to the proper room and greeted me politely. …

    However, I was even more impressed by your staff. They were so involved in their lessons and had such a nice rapport with the students. The teachers appeared so well organized and prepared. I have visited schools across ten (10) states and by far your campus was the most goal-driven. The teachers seemed very dedicated and involved with their students. There was definitely positive synergy and when I left, it just gave me a HAPPY feeling knowing that kids are so well looked-after and truly guided. Thank you for the experience. Kudos to your teachers for their daily investments in young lives.” 

~Oralia R. Hinojosa
Texas Educational Solutions 


Please read carefully to know what to do when there is a weather related school closing.

#1 LISTEN TO THE NEWS ON TV – Higgs Carter King Administrators usually call Channel 4 – KMOL or Channel 12 – KTSA and update the news channel about whether or not Higgs Carter King will be closed due to inclement weather.

#2 THE DECISION – We take it very serious when we have to make a decision to close school because the State of Texas requires all schools to “make up” any missed school days.  So closing school for even one day will result in a “make up” day usually towards the end of the year.  

#3 CLOSING SCHOOL – In the past we have only closed school when the weather reports indicate that driving would be “hazardous” on the roads.  Because a majority of our students ride the HCK school buses, if “driving on the roads will be hazardous” we will not be able to get the buses out to pick up the majority of our students.  If the roads are dry and there are no reports of “hazardous roads”, usually school will be open.


   Please do your best to listen to the television stations if you think that the weather will result in school closures.  Please do not assume that if other schools are closing, HCK is closing as well.  HCK will make a decision based upon the road conditions and our buses. Thank you for reading carefully and calling Ms. Yarbrough if you have questions. 

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Higgs, Carter, King mentioned in Forbes Magazine!
     SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- When Principal Claudette Yarbrough decided to implement ACTION 100 at Higgs, Carter, King Charter School, she pledged to make the entire school community accountable for results. In partnership with American Reading Company, administrators and teachers will undergo 30 days of professional development training to master research-based teaching methods aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the new Common Core Standards. Already, more than 300 parents have attended mandatory parent workshops.
     "At our ACTION 100 kickoff event, staff brought in community leaders to establish expectations," says Yarbrough. "San Antonio Police Chief McManus gave a rousing speech to students about how reading can take them to college, and he had all the students shouting, 'I will go to college' and 'I love to read!'
HCK was also mentioned in the Houston Biz Journal as well as the Dallas Biz Journal

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Teaching At Higgs, Carter, King

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