School Calendar

Friday, April 25
Student Holiday!
Parents, please take note of this Student Holiday! No School!
Monday, May 26
Happy Memorial Day!
Let us take this time to honor those in the armed forces who defend the Freedom of the U.S.A. 
Thursday, May 29
Parent Meeting!
Parents, please coordinate the details of the Parent Meeting day with your child's teacher.
Friday, May 30
Early Release Day!
Parents, please take note of this Early Release day and make appropriate arrangements to have your children picked up.
Thursday, June 5
End of Third 9 Weeks!
Parents, please make sure you contact your children's teacher to monitor the progress of your children during this school year.
Friday, June 6
Last Day of 2013-14 School Year!
Thank you for making this a wonderful school year! We hope you learned so much within this past year that you can use for the rest of your life! Have a great summer!
Mon, Jun 9 - Fri, Jun 20
Summer School!
For those of you who need a little extra help, Summer School will finalize the last bit of learning for the year.

Daily Announcements

Congratulations Krystal Jonas!
     Higgs, Carter, King G/T Academy Superintendent Claudette Yarbrough (left) congratulates senior Krystal Jonas upon news that Ms. Jonas is the newest member of the Trinity University class of 2018!! Mrs. Yarbrough is a fellow alumni of Trinity University as well, and became very emotional that one of her own students was admitted to her alma mater. Ms. Jonas has grown up before everyone's eyes at HCK from when she was in elementary to now on the verge of graduating from high school. Krystal is a shining example of the students we hope to mold into adults through hard work and excellent academic opportunities at Higgs, Carter, King. We are proud of you, Krystal! 


   Monday, June 9, 2014 is our “new last day of school” – Make Up Day! Yea!  Thank you very much for participating in our Parent Day vote for the last day of school.  Monday, June 9th got more votes than Monday, May 26th.  On Saturday, March 29th, the Board of Directors of Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. voted and agreed with the majority of the parents and students that voted for Monday, June 9th as the new final day of school! Yea!  Thank you for your voting and sharing your input!

Higgs, Carter, King STAAR Week during Spring Break

During Spring Break week Higgs, Carter, King Academy staff and teachers spent their time giving some students extra academic practice in preparation for STAAR tests. Teachers are constantly in pursuit of getting their students to academic excellence, and any opportunity to positively affect the student's lives is something they enjoy doing. Plus, we made Spring Break fun for the kids! The Fourth Grade class lead by Mr. Juarez designed a video to encapsulate the week everyone had.

STAAR is here!

On Tuesday, 5th Grade students in Mr. Guevara's class gave their fellow classmates words of encouragement before their tests. They told their classmates to do good and have confidence that they know the material. We echo those sentiments and wish all the students taking the STAAR this week the best of luck as they strain their brains for learning.

Words of Praise for Higgs, Carter, King!
“I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed visiting HCK Academy. Every time I visited the campus the students, ALL STUDENTS, looked so happy to be there. They were so polite to guide me to the proper room and greeted me politely. …

    However, I was even more impressed by your staff. They were so involved in their lessons and had such a nice rapport with the students. The teachers appeared so well organized and prepared. I have visited schools across ten (10) states and by far your campus was the most goal-driven. The teachers seemed very dedicated and involved with their students. There was definitely positive synergy and when I left, it just gave me a HAPPY feeling knowing that kids are so well looked-after and truly guided. Thank you for the experience. Kudos to your teachers for their daily investments in young lives.” 

~Oralia R. Hinojosa
Texas Educational Solutions 

Please Complete the Application for the 100% Spring Break Packet
on the back of  Newsletter #43.

      On Monday, March 3rd, the 100% Spring Break Activity Application will go home to all 3rd – 11th grade students.  These students will be offered an opportunity to participate in HCK’s 1st ever Awesome 100% Spring Break Activity on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on March 11th, 12th and 13th from 9 – 4pm with breakfast beginning at 8:30 and lunch at 1pm.



HCK students spend Spring Break learning!

Nearly a hundred Higgs, Carter, KIng students spent their Spring Break participating in our inaugural STAAR Camp to better equip and prepare our students for the upcoming STAAR tests. Along with the students, HCK had some very dedicated staff members who took time out of their week to help teach our students in Math, Reading, and Writing. The students were provided a fun learning environment which to learn in as well as enthusiastic teachers whose goal is to get our students to the level of excelling in the upcoming tests. This year's week was very successful and we plan on continuing our STAAR Camp in the summer. For more information about having your child enroll in STAAR Camp, please contact Mrs. Yarbrough.


     Each year Higgs Carter King’s stakeholders including teachers, staff, parents and students participate in the Birdies For Charities fundraiser as this is the ONLY fundraiser authorized for Youth Empowerment Services.
     HCK has been able to utilize funds raised from Birdies For Charities to pay for 100% of school supplies for 100% of every PK through 12th grade students.  HCK has been able to provide student scholarships and teacher training and the biggest activity that the Birdies for Charities have supported have been the student college and community service trips to Chicago, Illinois (twice); Atlanta Georgia; New Orleans, Louisiana; Washington, D.C. (twice).

Please Check Newsletter #40 for more information!

School Choice Week begins!

National School Choice Week provides an unprecedented opportunity, every January, to shine a positive spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children.

Independently planned by a diverse and growing coalition of individuals, schools, and organizations, National School Choice Week features thousands of unique events and activities across the country. The Week allows participants to advance their own messages of educational opportunity, while uniting with like-minded groups and individuals across the country.


Parent Night Jan. 30 and National School Choice Week

     On the Jan. 30, 2014 Higgs, Carter, King Academy will join hundreds of other schools across the country in celebrating National School Choice week. HCK plans on having activities during the Parent Night assembly on Jan. 30. We are very excited to be participating in this event and we look forward to having activities and other special things at our Parent Night celebration. So please mark your calendars to attend that night!  

National School Choice Week website


Please read carefully to know what to do when there is a weather related school closing.

#1 LISTEN TO THE NEWS ON TV – Higgs Carter King Administrators usually call Channel 4 – KMOL or Channel 12 – KTSA and update the news channel about whether or not Higgs Carter King will be closed due to inclement weather.

#2 THE DECISION – We take it very serious when we have to make a decision to close school because the State of Texas requires all schools to “make up” any missed school days.  So closing school for even one day will result in a “make up” day usually towards the end of the year.  

#3 CLOSING SCHOOL – In the past we have only closed school when the weather reports indicate that driving would be “hazardous” on the roads.  Because a majority of our students ride the HCK school buses, if “driving on the roads will be hazardous” we will not be able to get the buses out to pick up the majority of our students.  If the roads are dry and there are no reports of “hazardous roads”, usually school will be open.


   Please do your best to listen to the television stations if you think that the weather will result in school closures.  Please do not assume that if other schools are closing, HCK is closing as well.  HCK will make a decision based upon the road conditions and our buses. Thank you for reading carefully and calling Ms. Yarbrough if you have questions. 

<---- Parents, please check the "Newsletter" tab to the left very often for new Newsletters which come out regularly.. They are placed in chronological order.

Thursday, November 21st! Yea!

#5) Eat all of the turkey you can hold in your tummy! Yea!
#4) Meet your child’s teacher and get the personalized data folder with the report card
#3) Find out more Larry Bell and his impact on our school’s new approach to “tackling” new and difficult problems by using the 12 power words!
#2) Complete the school’s Evaluation Form and tell us what we need to do “more of” or “less of” or “get better at”! Yea!
#1) Thank your child’s teacher for making “teaching their career choice”! Yea! 

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Dr. Hanson generously gives back to HCK!

Thank you to Dr. Hanson for donating 30 backpacks to the students of Higgs, Carter, King G/T Academy. Dr. Hanson has been a great partner and supporter of HCK for over a year, and we appreciate everything he has done for us. 

Learning Important things on the First Day back
        Mrs. Yarbrough helped lead a welcoming session with HCK 8th-12th graders in the gym this morning. The students learned about the virtues of being leaders in life and making wise choices. The students also learned about the legacies of the school's namesakes: Minnie Higgs, Kenneth Carter, and Janice King, and how they impacted the founding of the school. We are excited for the start of the school year and hoping that all of our student start this year with the zeal to make this year better than the last!

Leading by Example
HCK Senior Jessica Alverado started the year off right along with Mrs. Yarbrough, Ms. Connie Perez, and Ms. Angela Jones (from GO Card) on Saturday, August 24th. She attended a Leadership Team meeting to get her final year of school off to a positive and encouraging start. At HCK we want all of our high school students to lead-by-example for the other students so that they can understand the value of being a leader in society. 

Summer School 2013!
Coach Kris Shields helped lead teaching this past summer along with other HCK staff. Our Summer Program was a success this year with so many fun and educational activities to maintain our high level of learning. We are about to start a new school year, and some of us are keeping the educational momentum at a high energy level, ready to dominate this year of learning.

HCK teachers and staff at EEP Summer Institute!
This summer, some of our teachers and administrators attended the Educational Effectiveness Process' Summer Institute held in Horseshoe Bay, Tx. While at the conference, our HCK staff was able to connect with other charter schools from around San Antonio, Houston, and Corpus Christi in order to prepare more effectively for this upcoming school year. The staff who attended received some great advice from some of the leading professionals working in the educational field, as well as collaborated on many important topics that will hopefully lead to student success in 2013-14.

Welcome Back, Teachers!!

    Higgs, Carter, King welcomed back some returning teachers as well as some new teachers who are enthusiastic to start the 2013-14 school year! Teachers will be in training 8/19 - 8/23, with students returning on August 26. 

    NOTE TO PARENTS: Teachers will be making calls this week to schedule an in-person appointment in your student's classroom so that they can discuss with you important information as well as allow opportunity for parents to discuss any questions or concerns they may have as we enter the new school year. There will be some very important documents for parents to fill out so we need as much parental participation as possible.

Higgs, Carter, King mentioned in Forbes Magazine!
     SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- When Principal Claudette Yarbrough decided to implement ACTION 100 at Higgs, Carter, King Charter School, she pledged to make the entire school community accountable for results. In partnership with American Reading Company, administrators and teachers will undergo 30 days of professional development training to master research-based teaching methods aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the new Common Core Standards. Already, more than 300 parents have attended mandatory parent workshops.
     "At our ACTION 100 kickoff event, staff brought in community leaders to establish expectations," says Yarbrough. "San Antonio Police Chief McManus gave a rousing speech to students about how reading can take them to college, and he had all the students shouting, 'I will go to college' and 'I love to read!'
HCK was also mentioned in the Houston Biz Journal as well as the Dallas Biz Journal

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2013-2014 Open Enrollment Packets for Parents!!

Congratulations to Higgs, Carter, King
Gifted & Talented Charter Academy's Honor Graduate 2013
Hunter Jonas!!

Good luck on the rest of your journey in life, especially in the next phase of college. We look forward to the many great things you will accomplish in your life, and thank you very much to everyone who helped Hunter reach these dreams, especially his family and all of the educators that taught him along the way.

HCK ensured Hunter's success, yes!!

HCK Board President Rick Williamson presenting Hunter Jonas with his diploma.

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Teaching At Higgs, Carter, King

Teaching - Touches minds, Shapes Future
reating children fairly, all ages and kinds,
E ducating, stimulating, expanding eager minds.
A nswering questions and asking them, too.
C aring and sharing, discovering what's new.
H elping to kindle learning's bright flame,
E xploring what's different and what is the same.
R esponding with patience, teacher's heart full of joy--
HCK's wonderful teachers exist for each girl and boy!

From the Principal

Each and everyday brings a brand new opportunity for each teacher and student to be powerfully engaged in the learning process. Everything Higgs, Carter, King does is designed to ensure each student is successful at school each and everyday. This year, the teachers have made commitments to do "whatever it takes" to make sure that NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. Our parents have been extremely supportive and have assisted with the learning process.

From this issue of "The In Box" the following article regarding The Importance of Attitude is appropriate to share.

"Attitude is the difference between an opportunity and a problem.
Attitude is the difference between an interruption and a break.
Attitude is the difference between boredom and reflection. Attitude is the difference between stress and excitement. Attitude is the difference between a failed effort and a learning opportunity.
The choice is ours.
We can be positive, growth-oriented problem-solvers or negative, change-resistant problem-makers.
The consequence of this choice is likely to affect the quality of our lives, the success of our careers, and the soundness of our health."