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#26: Breakfast Bucks for Books!

Breakfast Bucks for Books Schedule is Ready for Publication! Yea!

  The schedule is created so that a different, vertically-arranged group of students are at each Half Price Book store so that all students get access to the widest range of books available.  For example, if all PK students were scheduled for the same store, the store would run out of a variety of PK books so we send different groups and ages of students to each store.  The planned scheduled is below:

Half Price Books – Broadway – Mr. Castillja’s PK, Ms. Hardeway’s 1st grade, Ms. Shields 2nd grade, Ms. Dominguez’ 6th grade.

Half Price Books – I&10 &Huebner – Ms. Harris’ PK; Ms. Villanueva’s 2nd; Mr. Reyna’s and Mr. Wong’s 7th graders.

Half Price Books – Bandera & 1604 – Ms. White’s kinder; Ms. Haywood’s 1st grade; Ms. Neal’s 3rd; Mr. Burke’s 6th grade.

Half Price Books – 125 NW Loop 410 – Ms. Edwards’ PK; Gallego’s 2nd grade; Ms. Castillo’s 4th grade; Ms. Bonillas’ 5th grade;

Half Price Books – 1604 & Evans – Ms. Moran’s kinder; Ms. Martinez’s 1st grade; Mr. Juarez’s 3rd grade and Mr. Chung’s 8th grade.

A Plea from Santa to HCK (as delivered by special messenger earlier this morning!)

     On Friday, December 19th each HCK student will get an opportunity between 12:30 and 3:45 to visit the LiveSchool Store.  Santa has kindly asked HCK to ask each student to wait until they get home to put their LiveSchool gifts under their Christmas trees and wait for his arrival on the 25th

     Santa understands that it may be difficult for students to honor his request, however, HCK was obliged to at least share Santa’s message of hope with each of the HCK students! Thank you for your kind attention to this issue! Yea!

Thanks to all of the parents and students who have avoided getting the cold and the flu.  However, quite a few of our students have either had a cold or the flu and missed one or more days of school.

Please make sure to get any make up work from your teachers as NO STUDENT is penalized for being absent when sick, but all work does need to be completed that was missed.

The lengthy holiday season offers an excellent time to make up any missed work! Yea!

Happy Holidays!!!

       Keep reading to see Friday Dec. 19th's Schedule of Events!!

Newsletter #25: … of No Nutritional Value!

Friday, December 19th

is a day for food of “No Nutritional Value”! Yea!

     What does this mean?  The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) allows each school to identify three (3) days each year when the school allows foods that have “NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE” on the campus.  HCK always picks Harvest Time, December Holidays and the time around Valentines Day or Easter.

    This year’s December Holiday Time is December 19thSome students and teachers have already begun to identify and plan to purchase their favorite “junk food”.

    All “junk food” is of “NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE” and usually includes all candies, cookees, donuts, cupcakes, potatoe childs and other chips and a host of other foods with no nutritional value!

    Check with your child’s teacher if you plan to send “foods of no nutritional value” to class with your child on Friday, December 19th!   

Friday Priorities for all students and parents!

A) Pick up pictures!Each teacher will has been given all pictures that have been purchased.  Please let your child’s teacher know how you want to pick up your pictures.

B) Go to Half Price Books!Yes, each parent who wants to can meet us at the store or ride on the bus (if there is room) to help your child get the best books ever! Yea! Please coordinate with your child’s teacher/  

C) Review each students’ Personalized Data Folder! Yea! – Most students have plans to get to their 90%. Come hear each of your children describe their plans to maintain and sustain 90%! Yea!

D) Go to LiveSchool Store! Yea! – Some parents may want to tag along with their children. The LiveSchool Schedule will be posted in the Thursday, December 18th newsletter! Yea! 

ABSENCES:  All teachers are prepared to make sure that students who were absent last week are NOT PENALIZED with “zeros”.  All students who were absent have time to make up ALL WORK without losing points.

Please follow up with your child’s teacher to make sure that your child completes all missing assignments due to absences!


Newsletter #24: Check for Liveschool points

LiveSchool Points Will Go Home on Friday, December 12th! Check Your Point Totals!!!

     In preparation for next Friday’s Live School Store GRAND event, all students will be given their LIVESCHOOL POINT totals as of December 11, 2014. 

    Then on the morning of December 19th, they will receive their final LIVESCHOOL report with all of the points including the points earned when they scored 90% on their 3rd week tests! Yea!

    Then students will KNOW EXACTLY how many points they can use in the LiveSchool Store! Yea!  CHECK YOUR POINTS!

     Did you go to Austin as a part of the HCK group that spoke to the SENATORS?  Then you received 100 points and you will want to make sure that they are included in your total.  It is NOT too late for any teacher to correct and update their points! YEA!  So please review your report that you will receive on Friday, December 12th and point out any errors to your teachers and anything that needs to be corrected can be corrected before December 19th! Yea!

The Pictures will be Ready for distribution next Friday, December 19th!

THIS JUST IN – We will have the PICTURES READY to distribute on next Friday, December 19th!

Parent Day – All Day Next Friday!

  Next Friday is a very busy day, but we will have time for each student to have completed their personalized data folder, that will highlight their progress so far this school year.  Please coordinate with your child’s teacher so that you do not arrive on campus while the class is at the book store.  A schedule will be sent home on Monday, December 15th so that all parents can schedule their visit anytime during the day! Yea!  

LIVESCHOOL WISH LIST – All students need to turn in their WISH LISTS on Friday, December 12th.

We already collected the students’ who have perfect attendance and now we need to collect everyone’s WISH LIST if you have not turned it in already! Please see Mr.Martinez during Breakfast Time.


Newsletter #23: HCK’s Focus Remains Our Students!

HCK’s Focus Remains The Effective Education of 100% of our STUDENTS! YE!

     We are and have been very much aware of what the Texas Education Agency has been trying to do to HCK for the past two (2) years because of the changes in the Commissioner’s system where the 9th – 12th grade students were treated differently than they had been for the past 14 years.  We have been putting information in the newsletters as often as we had updated information to share.

    The latest update is that we know for sure that HCK is and will continue to operate without any changes for this current school year of 2104-2015.

      We will know more about the HCK 2015-2016 school year after we finish appealing and working through our attorneys against the Texas Education Agency’s intent to revoke our chart school.

     Please continue to READ this newsletter every time it comes out so that you will be aware of the latest information we have concerning our school.  We did not receive the information before the news media got the information yesterday or we would have put the information in our newsletter yesterday!  HCK is focused with laser-like intensity of making sure 100% of our students perform at 90% or better on their assessments.  Our students are our priority no matter what comes out in the news media.  More information is provided below.

Texas Education Agency Position

The TEA under Commissioner Williams is asserting that TEA is following the SB2 as TEA attempts to revoke our charter school, but …

Senate Education Committee Position

The Senators who wrote SB2 disagree with Commissioner Williams as quoted by Lt. Gov. Elect Dan Patrick who authored SB2 as then Senator Dan Patrick, “It was not SB2’s intent to close schools the way the Commissioner is trying to use SB2. Your voices will be heard!”  We believe Mr. Dan Patrick is working to correct wha the Commissioner is attempting to do.  

We are moving towards 100% in Action 100 – Yea!

We are already at 70% proficiency! Yea!

Keep up the great work! Yea!  

 Yes you can earn 90% on all tests! Yes, You can!!! Yea!

90% or better! Yea!





#22: Did You Complete Your Wish List Yet?


     Mr. Martinez and Ms. Hope will start collecting the LiveSchool wishlists so that we can start organizing the lists by priority students related to perfect attendance for the year and perfect attendance for this week! Yea!
     Have you been in school everyday this week? Have you been in school everyday this year? Then you could be one of the first ones to have your WISH LIST collected! Yea!  
     So what happens when we collect your WISH LIST?  By collecting your wishlist early BEFORE you actually arrive at the LiveSchool Store, we will already know which items are in the most demand!  So if we have noticed from the wishlist that everyone is choosing a “bicycle”, we will be able to call students BEFORE they get the Liveschool Store on December 19th and let them know that they may to pick an alternative “wish list item” because we have 50 students identifying a bicycle on their wishlist but we only have nine bicycles in the Liveschool Store.  So finish your wishlist right away so that we can make sure of the number and types of items HCK students are “wishing for”! 
    Students will need to bring their backpacks on December 19th because of the BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS that they will be taking home at the end of the day and the items from the Liveschool Store they may purchase! Hip, hip, hooray!  We want everyone to be prepared! Yea!  
   First of all, I want to thank all of the students and parents who are working hard to make sure our school is #1 in the Nation like we have been before.  However, we have found some errors in inputting the Steps within our current system.  
    So at this time, we are working to correct our internal system errors so that we don’t inadvertently list a student as a low-stepper when the student is really on level with their daily reading steps.  Thanks for your patience and we hope to have the issue correctly ASAP.  In the meantime continue READING every day for an hour (30 minutes at school and 30 minutes at home.) 

Mastery Learning Comes to HCK! Yea!  We are very excited that all of our teachers are learning how to create learning goals that lead to 100% mastery for all students.  So now when your child comes home from school, don’t ask him what he learned at school today… Rather, for all HCK students, please ask them what was “mastered at school today”! 

#21:It’s BAAACK! It’s BAAACK! 


December 1st – 19th! 
     Breakfast Bucks For Books is one of HCK’s most exciting reading programs in that it helps us make sure that HCK students have “home libraries” as we help parents establish “home libraries! Yea!  
     So here is the 2014-2015 version of this awesome “home-library building opportunity”.
#1) Each student who has perfect attendance during the 15 days we attend school in December 2014, AND eats BREAKFAST at school for 15 days in December 2014, AND is on track with homework/classwork, and Action 100 reading practice steps will qualify for $50 of BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS if in grade 2nd – 8th: Yea!
#2) Each student who does all of the above at the 511 campus will qualify for $25 of BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS in in grades PK through 1st grade! Yea!
#3) Students who do not maintain the perfect attendance (no not have 15 days of perfect attendance from December 1st – December 19th can still earn one Breakfast Buck for Books $1.00 per day for a maximum of $14 BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS!
    Then on the last day of school before we break for the Holidays on December 19, 2014, we will be scheduled for each one of the students who earned BREAKFAST BUCKS FOR BOOKS to go the all of the Half Price Books Stores in the City of San Antonio! Yea! Each year we have a lot of fun and we enjoy ourselves tremendously as we meander through hundreds of books looking to spend our Breakfast Bucks for Books! Yea!
    Why?  We are encouraged by our Child Nutrition Program (CNP) Director Mrs. Melinda Rodriguez to have more and more students eat a good breakfast.  During the month of December is our time to focus on perfect attendance and eating a good breakfast to start our day! Yea! 

Check out our presentation to the Senators!
Our students and parents were AWESOME!

Technology Survey for HCK

Please Complete

#20: Free Thanksgiving Meals! 

Parents, Please Join Us For a FREE THANKSGIVING MEAL on Friday, November 21, 2014 at 12 Noon!
   Please accept our sincere “thankfulness” by joining with us for lunch on Friday, November 21, 2014 at 12noon at either the 511 Fredericksburg Road or the 702 Cincinnati campuses.  You can join with your child or have a peaceful lunch alone (smile) in any event you are welcome to join us for our version of the thanksgiving meal.
    Most of our Thanksgiving Meals have been out-of-the-world delicious! However, sometimes we have had a few misses!  Let us know your thoughts when you join us.
   We usually have a well cooked and juicy turkey, with all of the sides and the fixins! Yea!
    This is one way we want to thank you for choosing HCK to educate your child (ren)!
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Things you need to know about this Friday, November 21, 2014.
A. Buses will begin leaving 511 Fredericksburg Road at 9am to take students to 702 for the Assembly and for Pictures
B. Buses will return to 511 after students take pictures.
C. Pictures will begin in the gym around 9:15am
D. All students have choices of what to wear because of no uniform Friday.
E. All students must wear SMILES!!!! Yea!

Bring your smiles but not your Uniform on Picture Day! Yea!
****** Bring your money but not your uniform on Picture Day! Yea!  

#19: Lt. Gov. Elect Patrick says… 

Lieutenant Governor Elect Dan Patrick says… 
   After taking 116 students with 20 staff and parents to the Senate Committee Hearing on Charter Schools and after Senator Patrick heard from our students, parents and staff, Lieutenant Governor Elect Dan Patrick said with a smile and a hearty grin, “Your voices have been heard in Austin!”
   Seantor Patrick praised our students, parents and staff and especially six year old Abraham Zamarripa after Abraham, Ms. Haywood’s first grade student did a masterful job of reading the testimony that he had written!
    All of the students, staff and parents were patient and flexible as we waited for our turn to speak but when it was our turn to speak, boy did we make a positive impact.  Several parents shared how their children did not start to do well in school until they arrived at HCK and a former parent called HCK a “healing for the community” because of the way we help each student feel wanted, loved and safe.
   We all really learnd so much and enjoyed being in our State’s Capitol for such a positive experience.
   Thank you to all of the students, staff and parents who went with us!  We will follow up with any additional information we learn about the decisions the Senate Education Committee will make regarding charter schools!

Things you need to know about this Friday, November 21, 2014.
A. Buses will begin leaving 511 Fredericksburg Road at 9am to take students to 702 for the Assembly and for Pictures
B. Buses will return to 511 after students take pictures. 

Bring your smiles but not your Uniform on Picture Day! Yea!
****** Bring your money but not your uniform on Picture Day! Yea!  

#18: Get Your “SMILES” Ready!
Field Trip Information below

Being Thankful and Grateful Is Important!
   Recently some studies have shown that people who have serious illness have improved their life expectancy just by focusing on being happy, grateful and joful! (Yes, this is true!) 
   This works, I believe for people who are not sick but sometimes forget the really important people and things in life.
    During this time of year, HCK staff makes it a point to be grateful for all of our students, staff and parents!  We want all of our parents, staff and students to know how much we appreciate the opportunities we get to work together everyday and we want to make sure NOT to take anything for granted!
    We are also encouraging all of our students to focus on being thankful and grateful for all of their families and their friends.
    Let’s all take time to be grateful and thankful by remembering and thinking about all of the wonderful families and people who work with us each day! Yea! It’s time to be thankful! Yea!  Even though we should definitely be thankful all year long, it is so great that we get this opportunity every year to focus on “thankfulness”! Yea!
Ms. Mac says… “Never go to bed, with the wrong answer in your head!”
    While not every parent was able to attend Ms. Mac’s presentations earlier this week, those who did left impressed with the informaiton about helping students master math. Yea! Now all students will have EXCEL math packets to help them complete 155 lessons by the end of the year guaranteeing them that they will be masters at Math! Yea!

Get Your Smiles Ready for Picture Day! Yea!
Friday, November 21, 2014, is PICTURE DAY! Yea! Need another form call the office at 210-735-2341!

#17: Thank you for VOTING! Yea!

SHOPPING FOR LIVESCHOOL - The School Needs Your Help! 
    Attached to this newsletter is the “shopping list” you need to utilize if you want stafff to know what you want HCk to provide in LIVE SCHOOL!.  All of you have been earning lots of points for LIVESCHOOL, however, Live School is sold out of most items.  During this time every year (after Thanks giving), HCK spends time purchasing items for the school because lots of items are discounted around Thanksgiving!  This year we want your suggestions as we purchase items from your shopping list for LIVESCHOOL!
     Here’s the plan: 
#1) HCK will have available for all students copies of all of the BLACK FRIDAY ADVERTISEMENTS during the breakfast hour during each day next week! Yea!
#2) Students will utilize their ORANGE LIVESCHOOL SHOPPING LISTS (follow all of the directions) to list items that they are SUGGESTING the school purchase when the staff goes “Black Friday Shopping! Then each Friday in December, students who qualify for LIVESCHOOL STORE will be able to utilize their points to buy items that were purchased during Black Friday Shopping!
#3) Students will continue achieving perfect attendance, reading everyday and now completing their EXCEL math assignments so that they can earn the most LIVESCHOOL points possible! Yea!
#4) Questions call 210-735-2341! Yea!
READ carefully all of the directions on the form and get ready to make suggestions for the staff to take with us when we go shopping on Black Friday!


#16: Last Week! Early Voting!


At HCK when visitors see and observe our classes, teachers and students, they are usually amazed by our students overall good behavior. With our focus on Quantum, Covey Habits and “immediate feedback”, we usually get great compliments regarding how “well our students” behave!

Thanks to all of our students and their parents for making it possible for our teachers to focus on “the learning” because our students’ are able to focus on their education and not only on behavior issues.

When we do have behavior issues we work immediately with our parents to resolve the issues as quickly as we can. Our HCK students perfect? Absolutely NOT, because no one is perfect, however, we work together on behavior to keep our students safe, secure and well supervised. Thank you, parents, for your assistance as we work together to ensure that our teachers get to focus on the “main thing”: EDUCATING OUR STUDENTS!

We will be celebrating all of our parents next week with breakfast and/or lunch when you come to meet with your teachers regarding their report cards. Please feel free to stop by our cafeterias at either location and help yourself to breakfast and/or lunch as you learn more about your students’ and their grades and each teacher’s plan to get your child to mastery. Yea!




#15 Introducing... Ms. MAC!

Who is Ms. Mac? What is EXCEL MATH!

     Ms. Mac is the special educator that has visited our school to help all of our students perform better in Math.

    Today she met with HCK’s leadership team to describe in details her “MAC” strategies and then she demonstrated the strategies to the kinder and 1st grade students! YEA!

     She was MAC…nificent today! Yea!  She has prepared a letter to send home to all of the parents because her strategies can be used at home to help students meet and exceed all of their goals and in her letter she shares the plan for implementing the strategies so that everyone always gets the “right answer”! Yea!

     Ms. Mac uses the EXCEL math program that will soon be present in 100% of every HCK math classroom! Yea!

     Then on November 3rd – 7th you will get an opportunity to sign up to participate in one of four (4) sessions that Ms. Mac will present JUST TO OUR PARENTS! Yea!

     While we will share more details later, once the report cards are distributed October 31st, we will all know which of our students need additional support and when parents visit the week of November 3rd – 7th you will be given an opportunity to register for the FREE training to be provided by Ms. Mac. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!





Parents, Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts!
     Yesterday the newsletter included an evaluative survey that we ask parents to complete every year so that we can improve!  Our value of “continuously improving” helps us utilize our “failure leads to success” key of excellence! Yea!
     So your thoughtful completion of the survey will help us identify our strengths and our challenges so that we can improve and do a better job of educating our students everyday.
     Please complete and return the survey by Friday.  Please do not put your name on your survey UNLESS you want us to follow up with you regarding a concern or comment you make on the survey.
    We usually take the time to review the survey and immediately begin making adjustments to improve so please know that we take your survey responses and comments seriously.  You can always call our office with compliments, concerns and complaints. You can always call Mr. Martinez or Ms. Yarbrough at 210-979-1379 or 210-559-9198!
    We have prided ourselves over the years and received many compliments from parents over the years on how quickly we provide immediate feedback when an issue is brought to our attention.  In addition, we have always encouraged all parents to call teachers immediately when they SUSPECT that there is an issues so that teachers can provide immediate feedback as well to an issue.
   Finally it is our pleasure and privilege to work with all of the children enrolled at HCK! TIME TO VOTE!


#13: Time To Vote For REAL!!!!

Early Voting Starts Monday, October 20, 2014 – G0 VOTE!

     Lots of Americans fought for the right for all Americans to have the priviledge and the right to vote.

    Please honor all of the Americans who have fought for our freedom and the right to vote, freely for the candidate of our choice.  In some countries, citizens do not have the priviledge and right to vote so we, as Americans, should take this honor seriously.

   When you early vote, you miss the crowds and you ensure that you will not get caught in a traffic jam or something else that may cause you to miss the vote on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

    Who will you vote for? There is plenty of information on all of the candidates so that you can read up on each candidate and determine who you believe will do the best job for ALL TEXAS!  On Thursday, we conducted our Mock Election for Governor.  Mr. Greg Abbot and Ms. Wendy Davis were on the ballot and Ms. Wendy Davis won the majority of the votes (see the middle column for the details!)  But who will you vote to be the Next Governor of Texas? Only you know for sure!  Have a great time voting for Governor!


#12: Time To Vote – Open House


Parent involvement is GREAT! When parents answer the phones when we call every Wednesday, parents are involved. When parents, make a place for their children to complete their homework in a quiet area, parents are involved! When parents read with and to their children for 30 minutes each night, parents are involved. When parents schedule time to meet with teachers to review their child’s academic data, parents are involved! Yea for parent involvement. When parents call the school to share a compliment or a concern or a suggestion, parents are involved!

At HCK we believe we have always “championed” parent involvement being more than a PTA or PTO meeting. Parent involvement is focused parent attentions on making sure students are at school ready to learn 100% of everyday, with homework completed, with notes to teachers, with planners and Action 100 folders signed! Thank you HCK parents for being INVOLVED! You Rock and as soon as we qualify for a free Friday based upon 100% Action 100 and 100% attendance, we will honor our parents with special recognitions. Until then, please know that HCK is proud of all of our parents for truly understanding the value and importance of being “involved”!


Click the link to view the Top 5 Reasons to make it to HCK's 2014 Open House! Read more...

October Breakfast & Lunch menus!

Please click the links to download or open word document menus


october lunch.pdf

#11: Students of the Month

OPEN HOUSE 2014-2015 is like none other!

On Thursday, October 16th, HCK teachers are preparing to receive 100% of our HCK parents throughout the day some as early as 8am and some as late as 6:30pm. HCK teachers and students are terribly excited about the opportunity to meet and greet our parents and to show our work so far this school. This year the stakes are very high as HCK has always had great goals but never before have the teachers been this “focused” on achieving our “gaudy goals” no matter what. Now our students are getting in on the fun of using our “laser-like focus” on improving instruction for all students! Yea! We can hardly wait to see all parents throughout the day at HCK on Thursday, October 16, 2014.

A first for our Open House is our “mock vote” for the new Governor of Texas! Yea! So are you going to vote for Mr. Greg Abbot or Ms. Wendy Davis? So who will win? Well, let’s see who will win when all of HCK votes! That’s right even PK students can vote in HCK’s mock election! Then we can all go vote for real in the early voting that begins this week! Yea! May the best person who will support charter schools! Yea!


#10: We Wear Uniforms!

We are at 68% in Action 100 Reading Practice!

     We need to get to 100% Reading Practice in order to have a “no uniform Friday”.
    What is Reading Practice?  Each student is expected to read 30 minutes at home and 30 minutes at school everyday.  When 100% of our 430 students read 60 minutes each day, we will be at #1 in the Nation in Reading Practice.
     Thank you parents for making sure that your child is reading no less than 30 minutes at home each day.
Action 100 Reading Practice and Attendance helps us enjoy Fridays a lot more!
  Yep! The stakes just got higher! We must not only have 100% attendance (determined by 97% attendance or above by 100% of our students in their classes but now we also have to read so that we are #1 in the Nation in Reading Practice. We can and we will achieve our goals because we have achieved this level of success before! Yea!

Live School will open again when we are #1 in the Nation with
100% attendance! 


#9: The Demolition Has Begun! Yea!!!!!

The 511 Fredericksburg Demolition Project is changing the landscape of our property! Yea!

   The Apache Group has begun the demolition process and it looks awesome! Yea!
    There are no changes in entering the property at 511 Fredericksburg Road, however, there may be changes on exiting the property so please pay attaention to the signs and the guidance at 511 Fredericksburg Road for exiting the property!

    REMINDER – We have reschedule Open House for October 16, 2014 because we were expecting our demolition to be completed and we were right! Yea! The demolition has started and they plan to be complete within ten (10) days! Yea!!


Big changes commencing at HCK!

On Monday, Sept. 29, 2014 demolition crews began to knock down part of the main building structure at 511 Fredericksburg campus. This renovation will produce a new fully furnished building at the campus. Please be careful while the crews are working, and when picking up your children from the campus. The construction crews will be cleaning up any of the debris, but caution is still urged when walking around the building.

News from the HCK Athletic Dept.

     On Thursday, Sept. 18, the HCK Lady Tiger Volleyball team lost a hard fought match against City Center (19-25 & 10-25). The HCK Coaching Staff would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the support they and the girls received throughout it all from parents, teachers, family, and friends. There will be more games coming up on the schedule, and we would like to encourage everyone in our HCK community to cheer on our girls to victory!! Yea!!! Go Tigers!!!


#8: Rescheduling OPEN HOUSE! YEA!

Rescheduling Open House! Yea!

   The Apache Group, our Demolition contractor, has informed us that they are now ready to begin the 10 -15 day demolition work on the building at 511 Fredericksburg Road.  Furthermore, Mr. Martinez, School Administrator, has followed up with the city regarding the remaining work to be completed on the sprinkler system in the basement at 702 Cincinnati.  With so much construction type work happening, we are plannning to reschedule our Open House activity from next Thursday, September 25, 2014, to Thursday, October 16, 2014.

    Thank you for updating your schedule so that you can be available on Thursday, October 16, 2014 for our 2014-2015 Open House activity at Higgs Carter King Charter Academy!


#7: Grand Opening: LiveSchool Store


   The low point total of 201 is due to teachers and staff getting used to identifying behaviors and attendance for all students.  All students got an opportunity to get a book and a supply item from the LIVE SCHOOL STORE DURING THE GRAND OPENING! Yea! Next week’s goal for LIVESCHOOL POINTS is 3000! Yep! 




We Are Congratulating Mrs. Hardeway
as our first August Teacher of the Month!

    Everyone who knows Mrs. Hardeway, 1st grade teacher, is aware of the many changes she had to make in order to return as an HCK teacher so everyone at HCK is on one accord as we jointly congratulate Mrs. Hardeway for becoming the first AUGUST TEACHER OF THE MONTH!

    Mrs. Hardeway had to make so many changes not only with her instructional methods and mannerisms but also personally as she struggled to juggle her wonderful family and her higher education goals.  Ms. Haywood was the first teacher to notice that Mrs. Hardeway had begun to make changes and become more effective but when Ms. Haywood spoke with Mrs. Yarbrough, Mrs. Yarbrough did not believe.  So Mrs. Yarbrough asked Mrs. Hardeway if she wanted to interview for a teaching position at HCK for 2014-2015 school year and when Mrs. Hardway responded in the affirmative, the stage was set for Mrs. Hardeway to show all of us just how much she has changed.  Then Mrs. Escarcega began to notice the changes Mrs. Hardeway had made, then Mrs. Crims confirmed that the changes and improvement were “for real” (smile) and then Mrs. Yarbroung was in agreement as she saw how much care and attention to details Mrs. Hardeway was exhibiting to all her students.  Mrs. Hardeway became Teacher of the Month largely because she used failure to lead her to success by learning how to put her HCK students’ needs as her priority during the day.  We are so very, very proud that Mrs. Hardeway has done everything she can to become the most effective teacher she can be at HCK! Congratuations, again, Mrs. Hardeway!
~Claudette Yarbrough

Newsletter #6

No Uniform on Friday, 9/12/2014    

Yea! Perfect Attendance Wins! YEA!

   Check out the weekly attendance report (WAR) on the back of this newsletter! WE ROCK! We had kids “kicking but” to get school so that we can all learn and grow towards achieving our 90% mastery rate! Yea!

     Okay! Look at all of the classes that achieved 100% attendance! WOW! We are on the ball! Yea!

     When we achieved over 97% attendance this is Awesome because at 97% of attendance we get 100% of the funding for our instructional purposes, for managing the day-to-day operations and for making sure we can achieve all of our goals!  Yea!

     Can we keep this up all year! You Betcha We Can! If we all do our best to continue reaching 100% attendance (over 97% averages) Yea! And Hip, hip, hooray!


    Everytime we qualify for no uniform day, we will also qualify for ice-cream WHEN WE ARE #1 in the country in Reading Practice.  The rankings for #1 do not start until later in the month so we will have to anticipate how nice, cool and tasty the ice cream will taste until the rankings are announced later this month!!! Yea! And Hip, hip, hooray!



read more of the Newsletter below


Newsletter #5


   Every 3rd week of the school year, 100% of the HCK students will take an assessment.  The teacher will utilize the assessment results to determine how best to adjust, change, modify, and improve their lessons based upon the student data from the assessment.

     We are so very proud of everyone who worked with us during the summer months to streamline this process and help us get on the right track with progress monitroing.

     What is Progress Monitoring?  Progress monitoring is how HCk “monitors the progress” of every student to determine the next steps or next level of instruction that is needed to ensure that by the end of the year the student has mastery with a minimum of a 90% all of the subject areas that were taught?

     When will my student start making 90%? Every student is different.  That is why it is so important that every student take their “assessments” seriously.  Because the strength of our teachers’ instruction is based upon the “data” from the 3rd week progress monitoring assessments.  When students do their best on every TEST, then the teachers have everything they need to ensure that their instruction “matches” what the student needs based upon the performance of the student on the progress monitoring assessment.

     Thank you parents for making sure your child is well rested every day, ready to start the day with a laser-like focus on the teacher and the instructional assignments. This way we will definitely know that the student is trying his/her harder to do their best and then the teacher can ensure that every students’ needs are betting met! Yea!


    Make sure you are signing the Planner every night except Friday Night and make sure your child brings the Planner to school everyday except Monday.  The Planner is being used to keep us all organized with great time managements skills! Yea!


     We are so proud of the points the students are “racking” up in LIVESCHOOL! Yea! 

     However, just because a student has points does not mean the student qualifies to go to SPEND the points.  So how does a student qualify to SPEND the points?

     Well, first of all, at the beginning of the year, we usually take EVERYBODY to the LIVESCHOOL STORE to see all of the things we have available for purchase.  Because we are always adding items to the LIVESCHOOL STORE, students will only see items that are added if they qualify to keep purchasing items from the LIVESCHOOL STORES.  After the initial visit to the LIVESCHOOL STORE, every Friday, teachers will be able to take qualifying students to the LIVESCHOOL STORE during the arrival time/breakfast time before school starts.   Some teachers may ask to visit the LIVESCHOOL STORE during lunch but this will only be on special occassions because teachers only get 30 minutes for lunch and then they have to go to class. 

     Qualifying to spend your LiveSchool points! A) students must have 100% attenddance that week in order to go to the LIVESCHOOL STORE and B) students must have approval of their teachers to go to LIVESCHOOL STORE Yea!


read more of the newsletter below


Newsletter #4 is online!

#4: THIS IS IT – 3rd Week!


   Being in school EVERY DAY is very important.  Why is perfect attendance so important? The number one reason perfect attendance is so important is that this is the best way to ensure that your child is learning! If the child is in school everyday, then your child is guaranteed to make progress learning because your child is present everyday.  If a child misses school, he/she misses out!  Being in school is the number one job of every student so that the student can take advantage of every learning opportunity presented by all of the teachers! Yea!

Yep! By Friday, September 12th we will have been in school for three weeks! What does this mean?

    Good question?  Every three weeks we stop and conduct our progress monitoring assessments to ensure that our teachers are teaching and our students are learning the TEKS as required to ensure that they are prepared for college and career ready when they graduate and go into the workforce or into colleges!

     We spent quite a bit of time working with our teachers and teacher leaders developing instructional calendars and lessons that are aligned in order to make sure teachers have the information that they need to teach the required TEKS per subject.

During our first couple of 3r week progress monitoring assessments the data will be used to ensure that we identify where each student needs additional assistance and then continuing through the year, teachers will modify and differentiate instruction so that everyone gets their needs met and everyone is ready by April to perform at 90% or better! Yea!


HCK is posting on Facebook!!

If you are logged onto Facebook (like nearly all of the modern world), then please find Higgs, Carter, King Gifted & Talented Charter Academy on there and give us a "Like"..

We post new Newsletters and other important information as it comes from Mrs. Yarbrough, and you can see this news as you are scrolling your news feed so you can be up-to-date!

Also, send us messages or comments to keep in contact! We love the HCK Family! Go Tigers! 

Picture Days -- Fall & Spring -- dates are set!

Parents, please mark your calendars for the Fall and Spring picture days:

-Group and Fall -- November 21, 2014
-Spring -- March 20, 2015

We will be following up with notifications as the dates approach, as well as sign up forms so that you can pre-order your picture sets!

Newsletter #3 is now online!!

You can find the Newsletters (both this year and previous years) located in the "Newsletter" button on the navigation toolbar on the top of the HCK main website.

Response To Intervention (RTI) letters went home today! Yea!

 Make sure that you ask your child for the letter as we want all parents of students receiving our external RTI support.  All other students receive specific RTI support within the classroom as well.  So all HCK students get the instruction that they need at the level that they need and if not, the parent should contact the teacher so the that the teacher can make any corrections.

    It does take a couple of weeks to confirm levels and get on track and we are using our time wisely by communicating with everyone regarding RTI so that all of our students will be at 90% by April!

What Happens If My Child Brings Home grades that are below 90%?

     Good question?  During the first weeks and months of the school year, all students will be exposed to new and difficult information.  The assessments and reports that reflect the instruction allow for certain topics to be taught at certain times of the year.  So low grades at the beginning of the school year, do not indicate that the child will not reach his/her goal by April.  Teachers are taught how to pace instruction so that by April all students have had opportunities to reach, achieve and maintain 90% even though most students will start with three week assessments that are below 90%! No worries we have a plan! Yea!


Newsletter #2:  Ice Cream Fridays! Yea!
{Newsletter #2 can be found in our "Newsletters" navigation tab, on our main page}

A snippet of our Newsletter #2:

100% Attendance and 100% Reading Practices earns 100% of our students and teachers, ICE CREAM! YEA!

     That’s rigth! Ice Cream Fridays have returned! Yea! But the rules are different this year.  Because we have been able to reach our goal of 100% reading practice for most of last year, we have uped the “ante”! Yea!  Now the entire school must be present (perfect attendance) and we must be at 100% reading practice in order for the entire school to enjoy ICE CREAM ON FRIDAY and NO UNIFORM ON FRIDAY! Yea! Can we do this? PERFECT ATTENDANCE starts now! 


Newsletter #1 is online!!!

For new parents, our daily/weekly Newsletters throughout the entire year, as well as previous years, can be found in the top Navigation bar on our website, under the title "Newsletters", and the current year is 2014-2015. 

Read a summary of the newsletter below

HCK approved for San Antonio City Park program!

San Antonio, August 14, 2014 -- City Council A Session Agenda. 
    19.) 14-1614 :: An Ordinance authorizing a License Agreement on City property with Higgs-Carter-King Charter School for a period of five years for a School Park (SPARK) located in Council District 1. [Gloria Hurtado, Assistant City Manager; Xavier D. Urrutia, Director, Parks & Recreation].


Read Councilman Diego Bernal's weekly update below.

House Bill 5 Results released

Higgs, Carter, King complied with the state of Texas Legislature's House Bill 5 this year in conducting an internal review of our institution as it relates to different 9 categories of rating focus. We had input from people associated with teachers and staff, and students and parents, as well as community partners. Our findings in the 9 categories are shown below, as well as our rating. Read more...


     Parents, students, and teachers can all expect to be entering next year noticing some changes to the school structure in a more positive way. Superintendent and Principal Mrs. Claudette Yarbrough lists out some of the reasons why HCK is moving in this direction, please click the link below to read this important information.


CHANGES…the Covey Way!

     Higgs, Carter, King is undergoing some new changes in the structure of the school day in preparation for next year. Please click the link below to read more about what to expect.


Earn a trip to the National Charter School Conference!

 Held in Las Vegas, June 27th – July 3rd! Read about the different ways you can earn a trip to it!

     First of all, Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. has been supporting Higgs Carter King for the past five years with students and parents qualifying to participant in awesome opportunities to travel to the National Charter School Conferences.  We have taken students and parents to Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois and Washington DC! Yea!

    Secondly, on March 29th at the regular Board Meeting, the Board of Directors once again approved Higgs Carter King to find ways to include parents, families and students in the 2014 National Charter School Conference to be held in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada! Yea!

      Thirdly, the 2013-2014 Senior Class has been talking about making the National Charter School Conference event their senior trip destination since school began in August 2013 and they are crossing their fingers waiting to hear about their possibilities! 

     So what do you need to do to see if you can qualify to attend the National Charter School Conference and attend Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. first annul E3 AWARD Ceremony where 25 teachers from San Antonio will be recognized?  

Hint: Listen to Tha1Radio every Saturday morning from 10-11am and hear Mrs. Yarbrough give you the clues...

$1,000 scholarships to our Seniors!!

     All eight (8) of our graduating seniors qualify for the $1000 tuition scholarship to help pay for their first year in college.

    All eight (8) of our graduating seniors have also qualified for $5,600 from the State Grant to pay for all expenses related to going to college.

    Now we have learned that our very own senior, Crystal Jonas has qualified for almost $50,000 in scholarship support from Trintiy Univeristy in San Antonio, Texas.  Trinity has ranked #1 in the southwest for the last 22 years! Yea! Congratulations to Crystal for earning a scholarship to Trinity University! Yea! 

Listen to each Saturday in May!

     The online radio station, is partnering with us to promote awareness of effective teachers and if you listen on the internet you could win your favorite teacher $100 plus you could be entered into a drawing to win a trip with HCK teachers to the 2014 National Charter School Conference in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. In June.  Want to know more?  Read the attached and listen on Saturday mornings from 10am – 11am. Yea!

Different ways you can appreciate your teacher!

There are suggestions for everyday! Yea!

     We absolutely want our teachers to believe that they are appreciated everyday.  However, it is great that there is a National Awareness of the need to STOP and APPRECIATE teachers every year for a whole week.  So let’s do our best to say “thank you”!

A)    Monday, May 5th – Bring your teacher an apple! Yea!

B)     Tuesday, May 6th – Write your teacher a “thank you” note and give it to your teacher. Yea!

C)     Wednesday, May 7th – Bring your teacher a flower. Yea!

D)    Thursday, May 8th – Write your teacher a “thank you poem”! Yea!

E)    Friday, May 9th – Give your teacher a piece of chocolate! Yea!

Thank you for joining in the fun of letting all of our teachers know that they are appreciated! Yea!

Congratulations Krystal Jonas!
     Higgs, Carter, King G/T Academy Superintendent Claudette Yarbrough (left) congratulates senior Krystal Jonas upon news that Ms. Jonas is the newest member of the Trinity University class of 2018!! Mrs. Yarbrough is a fellow alumni of Trinity University as well, and became very emotional that one of her own students was admitted to her alma mater. Ms. Jonas has grown up before everyone's eyes at HCK from when she was in elementary to now on the verge of graduating from high school. Krystal is a shining example of the students we hope to mold into adults through hard work and excellent academic opportunities at Higgs, Carter, King. We are proud of you, Krystal! 


   Monday, June 9, 2014 is our “new last day of school” – Make Up Day! Yea!  Thank you very much for participating in our Parent Day vote for the last day of school.  Monday, June 9th got more votes than Monday, May 26th.  On Saturday, March 29th, the Board of Directors of Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. voted and agreed with the majority of the parents and students that voted for Monday, June 9th as the new final day of school! Yea!  Thank you for your voting and sharing your input!

Higgs, Carter, King STAAR Week during Spring Break

During Spring Break week Higgs, Carter, King Academy staff and teachers spent their time giving some students extra academic practice in preparation for STAAR tests. Teachers are constantly in pursuit of getting their students to academic excellence, and any opportunity to positively affect the student's lives is something they enjoy doing. Plus, we made Spring Break fun for the kids! The Fourth Grade class lead by Mr. Juarez designed a video to encapsulate the week everyone had.

STAAR is here!

On Tuesday, 5th Grade students in Mr. Guevara's class gave their fellow classmates words of encouragement before their tests. They told their classmates to do good and have confidence that they know the material. We echo those sentiments and wish all the students taking the STAAR this week the best of luck as they strain their brains for learning.

Words of Praise for Higgs, Carter, King!
“I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed visiting HCK Academy. Every time I visited the campus the students, ALL STUDENTS, looked so happy to be there. They were so polite to guide me to the proper room and greeted me politely. …

    However, I was even more impressed by your staff. They were so involved in their lessons and had such a nice rapport with the students. The teachers appeared so well organized and prepared. I have visited schools across ten (10) states and by far your campus was the most goal-driven. The teachers seemed very dedicated and involved with their students. There was definitely positive synergy and when I left, it just gave me a HAPPY feeling knowing that kids are so well looked-after and truly guided. Thank you for the experience. Kudos to your teachers for their daily investments in young lives.” 

~Oralia R. Hinojosa
Texas Educational Solutions 

HCK students spend Spring Break learning!

Nearly a hundred Higgs, Carter, KIng students spent their Spring Break participating in our inaugural STAAR Camp to better equip and prepare our students for the upcoming STAAR tests. Along with the students, HCK had some very dedicated staff members who took time out of their week to help teach our students in Math, Reading, and Writing. The students were provided a fun learning environment which to learn in as well as enthusiastic teachers whose goal is to get our students to the level of excelling in the upcoming tests. This year's week was very successful and we plan on continuing our STAAR Camp in the summer. For more information about having your child enroll in STAAR Camp, please contact Mrs. Yarbrough.


     Each year Higgs Carter King’s stakeholders including teachers, staff, parents and students participate in the Birdies For Charities fundraiser as this is the ONLY fundraiser authorized for Youth Empowerment Services.
     HCK has been able to utilize funds raised from Birdies For Charities to pay for 100% of school supplies for 100% of every PK through 12th grade students.  HCK has been able to provide student scholarships and teacher training and the biggest activity that the Birdies for Charities have supported have been the student college and community service trips to Chicago, Illinois (twice); Atlanta Georgia; New Orleans, Louisiana; Washington, D.C. (twice).

Please Check Newsletter #40 for more information!

School Choice Week begins!

National School Choice Week provides an unprecedented opportunity, every January, to shine a positive spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children.

Independently planned by a diverse and growing coalition of individuals, schools, and organizations, National School Choice Week features thousands of unique events and activities across the country. The Week allows participants to advance their own messages of educational opportunity, while uniting with like-minded groups and individuals across the country.


Parent Night Jan. 30 and National School Choice Week

     On the Jan. 30, 2014 Higgs, Carter, King Academy will join hundreds of other schools across the country in celebrating National School Choice week. HCK plans on having activities during the Parent Night assembly on Jan. 30. We are very excited to be participating in this event and we look forward to having activities and other special things at our Parent Night celebration. So please mark your calendars to attend that night!  

National School Choice Week website


Please read carefully to know what to do when there is a weather related school closing.

#1 LISTEN TO THE NEWS ON TV – Higgs Carter King Administrators usually call Channel 4 – KMOL or Channel 12 – KTSA and update the news channel about whether or not Higgs Carter King will be closed due to inclement weather.

#2 THE DECISION – We take it very serious when we have to make a decision to close school because the State of Texas requires all schools to “make up” any missed school days.  So closing school for even one day will result in a “make up” day usually towards the end of the year.  

#3 CLOSING SCHOOL – In the past we have only closed school when the weather reports indicate that driving would be “hazardous” on the roads.  Because a majority of our students ride the HCK school buses, if “driving on the roads will be hazardous” we will not be able to get the buses out to pick up the majority of our students.  If the roads are dry and there are no reports of “hazardous roads”, usually school will be open.


   Please do your best to listen to the television stations if you think that the weather will result in school closures.  Please do not assume that if other schools are closing, HCK is closing as well.  HCK will make a decision based upon the road conditions and our buses. Thank you for reading carefully and calling Ms. Yarbrough if you have questions. 

<---- Parents, please check the "Newsletter" tab to the left very often for new Newsletters which come out regularly.. They are placed in chronological order.

<=== Parents, please take note of this left side navigation column where you can find copies of weekly Newsletters that Mrs. Yarbrough sends out.

Dr. Hanson generously gives back to HCK!

Thank you to Dr. Hanson for donating 30 backpacks to the students of Higgs, Carter, King G/T Academy. Dr. Hanson has been a great partner and supporter of HCK for over a year, and we appreciate everything he has done for us. 

Learning Important things on the First Day back
        Mrs. Yarbrough helped lead a welcoming session with HCK 8th-12th graders in the gym this morning. The students learned about the virtues of being leaders in life and making wise choices. The students also learned about the legacies of the school's namesakes: Minnie Higgs, Kenneth Carter, and Janice King, and how they impacted the founding of the school. We are excited for the start of the school year and hoping that all of our student start this year with the zeal to make this year better than the last!

Leading by Example
HCK Senior Jessica Alverado started the year off right along with Mrs. Yarbrough, Ms. Connie Perez, and Ms. Angela Jones (from GO Card) on Saturday, August 24th. She attended a Leadership Team meeting to get her final year of school off to a positive and encouraging start. At HCK we want all of our high school students to lead-by-example for the other students so that they can understand the value of being a leader in society. 

Summer School 2013!
Coach Kris Shields helped lead teaching this past summer along with other HCK staff. Our Summer Program was a success this year with so many fun and educational activities to maintain our high level of learning. We are about to start a new school year, and some of us are keeping the educational momentum at a high energy level, ready to dominate this year of learning.

HCK teachers and staff at EEP Summer Institute!
This summer, some of our teachers and administrators attended the Educational Effectiveness Process' Summer Institute held in Horseshoe Bay, Tx. While at the conference, our HCK staff was able to connect with other charter schools from around San Antonio, Houston, and Corpus Christi in order to prepare more effectively for this upcoming school year. The staff who attended received some great advice from some of the leading professionals working in the educational field, as well as collaborated on many important topics that will hopefully lead to student success in 2013-14.

Welcome Back, Teachers!!

    Higgs, Carter, King welcomed back some returning teachers as well as some new teachers who are enthusiastic to start the 2013-14 school year! Teachers will be in training 8/19 - 8/23, with students returning on August 26. 

    NOTE TO PARENTS: Teachers will be making calls this week to schedule an in-person appointment in your student's classroom so that they can discuss with you important information as well as allow opportunity for parents to discuss any questions or concerns they may have as we enter the new school year. There will be some very important documents for parents to fill out so we need as much parental participation as possible.

Higgs, Carter, King mentioned in Forbes Magazine!
     SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- When Principal Claudette Yarbrough decided to implement ACTION 100 at Higgs, Carter, King Charter School, she pledged to make the entire school community accountable for results. In partnership with American Reading Company, administrators and teachers will undergo 30 days of professional development training to master research-based teaching methods aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the new Common Core Standards. Already, more than 300 parents have attended mandatory parent workshops.
     "At our ACTION 100 kickoff event, staff brought in community leaders to establish expectations," says Yarbrough. "San Antonio Police Chief McManus gave a rousing speech to students about how reading can take them to college, and he had all the students shouting, 'I will go to college' and 'I love to read!'
HCK was also mentioned in the Houston Biz Journal as well as the Dallas Biz Journal

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New Pre-Admission Forms for enrollment:



2013-2014 Open Enrollment Packets for Parents!!

Congratulations to Higgs, Carter, King
Gifted & Talented Charter Academy's Honor Graduate 2013
Hunter Jonas!!

Good luck on the rest of your journey in life, especially in the next phase of college. We look forward to the many great things you will accomplish in your life, and thank you very much to everyone who helped Hunter reach these dreams, especially his family and all of the educators that taught him along the way.

HCK ensured Hunter's success, yes!!

HCK Board President Rick Williamson presenting Hunter Jonas with his diploma.

Click here to access previous announcements. Announcement Archive

Teaching At Higgs, Carter, King

Teaching - Touches minds, Shapes Future
reating children fairly, all ages and kinds,
E ducating, stimulating, expanding eager minds.
A nswering questions and asking them, too.
C aring and sharing, discovering what's new.
H elping to kindle learning's bright flame,
E xploring what's different and what is the same.
R esponding with patience, teacher's heart full of joy--
HCK's wonderful teachers exist for each girl and boy!

From the Principal

Each and everyday brings a brand new opportunity for each teacher and student to be powerfully engaged in the learning process. Everything Higgs, Carter, King does is designed to ensure each student is successful at school each and everyday. This year, the teachers have made commitments to do "whatever it takes" to make sure that NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. Our parents have been extremely supportive and have assisted with the learning process.

From this issue of "The In Box" the following article regarding The Importance of Attitude is appropriate to share.

"Attitude is the difference between an opportunity and a problem.
Attitude is the difference between an interruption and a break.
Attitude is the difference between boredom and reflection. Attitude is the difference between stress and excitement. Attitude is the difference between a failed effort and a learning opportunity.
The choice is ours.
We can be positive, growth-oriented problem-solvers or negative, change-resistant problem-makers.
The consequence of this choice is likely to affect the quality of our lives, the success of our careers, and the soundness of our health."